Frequently asked questions

Is there enough parking in Laugharne?

On the grist, a large open area in the centre of Laugharne, there is ample FREE parking for more than 100 cars, with enough space for buses too. However, please note that the rear end of the car park (toward the sea) does flood during particularly high tides.

Does the walk provide disabled access?

Unfortunately, the walk around the shoulder of the St. Johns hill does include steep inclines and steps in places, making a part of the Dylan Thomas walk unsuitable or inaccessible for disabled visitors. The area around the grist and the view of Dylan Thomas's writing shed is accessible by wheelchair, making the visit still worthwhile.

Are there other walks around the Laugharne area?

There area a lot of different walks in the Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire area, boasting a variety of views and wildlife. Pembrokeshire is particularly known for it's coastal routes, boasting some of the most highly rated views in the world. Laugharne too has many other walk winding along the estuary and the through the local countryside. Many walks can be found on the Carmarthenshire walks website, the Visit Pembrokeshire website and the BBC Walking Weatherman map too.

I would like to add my business to the walk. Who do I contact?

We welcome local businesses to join into the Birthday Walk scheme. In order to do so, you will need to contact Bob Stevens at habstevens@googlemail.com or alternatively by phone, 01994 427215.